Named after famed futurist/novelist Ray Kurzweil’s book The Age of the Spiritual Machines, The Spiritual Machines is Evan Frankfort (all instruments) and James Grundler (vocals).  The band’s first album Volunteer, is a science fiction concept album, one that can only be described as epic – an original headphone trip exploring the concept of living outside of one’s body.  It asks the question: if we are able to upload our brains so that our essence continues on after our body gives out, what would happen to our minds?

A music engineer and sound designer practically since birth, Evan Frankfort was tweaking knobs since the age of 5.  He alternated between playing in bands and working behind the scenes both as a songwriter, with artists including Liz Phair and Plain White T’s, and and as a film and television composer.  Frankfort is a guitarist and keyboard player for numerous artists, has toured with The Wallflowers and The Jayhawks and most recently co-founding the band Les Friction.

As a composer, Frankfort has over 1000 episodes of TV and a dozen films under his belt.  He is an Emmy® Award-winning film and television composer on such shows as THE 100, SUPER FUN NIGHT, 90210 and his music has spearheaded marketing campaigns for everyone from Harry Potter to James Bond.

Influenced by the work of Kurzweil – Frankfort began writing songs to create the new millennium version of a concept album.  The music in his head seemed un-singable … that was until a drummer-friend introduced him to vocalist James Grundler.  Grundler, who has performed in such bands as Paloalto and Golden State, sang each song with unbelievable force and range, and the two instantly joined forces to form The Spiritual Machines.

Never afraid to ‘take it to 11’ The Spiritual Machines combines a traditional rock line-up with orchestra, choir and instruments invented by Frankfort.  Sit back, turn it up to 11, and Volunteer to upload The Spiritual Machines into your brain!

About Volunteer

Volunteer Pt1: We enter the future whether we want to or not.

You are the Warning: There will be a catalyst. Someone will be the first to live forever. Most will fear the meaning and none will truly understand.

Couldn’t Stop Caring: Many will choose not to take the path into immortality. Those who do will try at all costs to convince the resistance to concede.

Aching to Live: Some believe the fear of death prevents one from fully living. Others believe it’s the reason they do. Behind every decision, there’s an army fighting for it and another fighting against it. Frankfort hopes at some point ideas will be judged solely on merit and not politics.

The Lightness: This is the turning point where going into the light becomes a conscious decision regardless of life and death. While we’re here, we must make the most of it.

Your Enemy: We are programmed to believe we have friends and enemies. We do not. We are connected by our weaknesses and interests. Tuning out suffering is our worst crime against humanity.

A Simple Plan: Everything is bigger and stronger than us as individuals. We can run away or we can join forces and minds.

My Heart Wants Blood: This is not a song about retribution… It’s actually literal. We believe love is in our hearts. Maybe it’s somewhere else.

Valentine: This is a love song to those who choose not to take the path into immortality. Bodies die. Love does not.

Volunteer Pt 2: The revelation that one way or another, you will be released from your suffering.

5 Responses

  1. Netto says:

    Hi! I’m from Brazil and I knew your song because of “The 100”. Congratulations for your spetacular art!

  2. Rasmus says:

    Hello The Spiritual Machines! I just recently discovered your music, and i am absolutely astonished! I was sure i recognised the instruments, since i have been listening to Les Friction for a while. Anyway, just a fan that wanted to say, love your work, and hope you continue collaborating!

    Also sorry for any grammatical mistakes, English is not my native language.

  3. Jamine says:

    You guys got me scared. Scared of the ideia that I’ll never again hear a music so amazing as yours. It’s so perfect! I wanna tell you that I’m a big fan. I met you from The 100, Coudn’t Stop Caring. It’s the best song a ever heard. Really, congratulations for your job. Please, don’t stop to create music. Your music make me feel like something I can’t explain. It’s just perfect.

    Sorry for any gramatical mistakes. I’m brazilian, english isn’t my native language.

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